Monday, January 5, 2009

Why were hieroglyphics created???????

Hieroglyphics were created to be used for reading writing and telling stories about great servers from war who use to be still living some people were there to see the war so they could write and tell the stories in person. A lot of kids love hearing the storie of the heros who died in the war.

Did all the pharaohs have hieroglyphics for each one??

WOW I NEVER KNEW THAT HIEROGLYPHICS COULD BE USE FOR GODS AND GODDESSES UNTIL!!!!!!!! Picked hieroglyphics for a project and I found out that all of the great pharaohs good and evil. All the gods and goddesses and different one for each pharaoh.But no gods or goddesses hieroglyphic was the same for example Anubis had a head of a Jackal and a body of a man. Anubis was god of mummification his hieroglyphic was still a head of a Jackal but the bottom was two fingers and a thumb pointing to the left.

who created hieroglyphic??????

Hieroglyphics were created by god and Egypt's called it the gift. Only one person out of ten people could bestow the gift from god. The gift from god was that one person could read and writting in hieroglyphics. So they could record special messages for the pharhos.

What were hieroglyphics used for???

Hieroglyphics ?
Hieroglyphics were used for many things to tell stories of great people and people who died in wars. Also hieroglyphics
were used as warnings in the pyramids to protect
all of there jewellery and valuable items. Hieroglyphics were
also put on sarcophagus in the pyramids.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Did you know that Hieroglyphics were also use into many different signs for all the different types of pharahos.